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Dry Fogging

Acumen works with Sterile Science, a recognized leader in the contamination control industry, to provide dry fogging for the disinfection of:

Pharmaceutical suites | Cleanrooms | Healthcare facilities

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    ... as well as other critical production and laboratory areas that operate on a zero-tolerance for contamination using. Sterile Science’s dry fogging sterilization system effectively provides a six-log kill (99.9999%) of microbial, harmful bacteria, and fungal contamination. This is the highest level of bacteria reduction possible. It’s:

    Environmentally friendly since it’s free of toxic aldehyde vapors and completely biodegradable.

    Precise as it avoids leaving a single droplet or wetting a single surface in your facility, while promising rapid vapor dispersion with its multi-port fogging nozzle.

    Fast since dry fogging doesn’t require any pre-conditioning and can be completed in just three hours (depending on your facility scope and size, of course).

    Because of Sterile Science’s attention to detail and highly-trained team, it only takes 1-2 technicians to dry fog large complexes, taking only a fraction of the time a manual cleaning crew would. Sterile Science employs a small skilled team to minimize contamination risks introduced by large cleaning crews while reducing potential disturbances within your facility.

    Acumen collaborates closely with the dry fog technology technicians at Sterile Science to understand the ins and outs of the dry fog method and the placement of any fogging machine itself inside your facility. When you speak to an in-house expert at Acumen, you can trust you're receiving information absorbed from years of experience in disinfecting facilities similar to yours. If you need service in your facility or want to know more about dry fogging, we can even put you in touch with a dry fog sterilization technician from Sterile Science directly.

    Common questions about dry fog sterilization:

    What chemicals do you use?

    Sterile Science’s dry fog system uses industry-leading cold sterilant, a powerful disinfectant, in its dry fogging system. Cold sterilant effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganisms, molds, and viruses.

    Why are fogging machines best for disinfecting hospitals?

    Sterile Science’s dry fogging system is among the most efficient on the market. This dry fogging method can sterilize multiple linked rooms simultaneously and does not require any pre-conditioning of a room, resulting in a substantially lower cleanroom downtime. Sterile Science technicians can complete an entire dry fogging procedure between 3 hours or 5 days, depending on the size and scope of your facility.

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