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Our manufacturers aren’t just our partners. They’re your partners too.

Each and every one of our manufacturers has been hand-selected, carefully vetted and is renowned as an established leader in contamination control, static control, and cleanroom tech. 

They engineer innovative, high-value solutions for businesses that need the thing done right.

And they embody the humanity and individual care that matters to us (and you!). 

That’s precisely why we’re proud to offer top products from Static Clean International, a worldwide leader in static control solutions and technology.

As the first U.S. company to offer a full line of static control products, we know they have expertise, experience, and unmatched reputation to meet your static control needs. Forty years of doing excellent business helps guarantee it. 

Static Neutralizing Systems

Bars and Power Supplies

Ionizing Benchtop and Overhead Blowers

Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles

Electrostatic Charging Equipment

Sheet and Web Cleaners

HepaClean Cleaning System

Medical Clean Stations 

Particle Trap® Source Capture System

Static Control Measuring Devices

Their best-selling Medical Cleaning Stations (MCS) are designed to improve yields by reducing rework. 

With flush mounted stainless steel webvac hoods that incorporate shockless static bars and stainless steel air tube to remove dirt particles from parts and packaging surfaces.

Their ionizing blowers, guns and fans are reliable options to neutralize wider areas, and their static bars are unmatched in preventing non-conductive materials from attracting or repelling themselves to their surroundings.

With their excellent reputation preceding them, we’re certain Static Clean has the technology and solutions to address your cleanroom needs. And with the strong, long-lasting relationship we’ve built, when you need service, they’re just a phone call away. 

The people and their products and service have been commendable through all phases of our particulate contaminant controls.  From the initial investigations, through equipment recommendations and technical assistance, and follow-up support; even to the extent of quoting the right equipment at competitive prices.  I will continue to rely on them for future requirements, and would recommend them to others. 

Jay A. Yohn • Process Engineer of Brentwood Industries Specialty Products Group

Ionizing Bars

Particle Trap

Before the Particle Trap® and AGZIII, the line had around 7% rework in packaging and now it’s a little under 2%. We’ve already ordered another 2 Particle Traps and AGZIII to be installed at other lines. This is a very flexible equipment and fits most of our needs”

Hugo Machado de Castro • Processes Coordinator of Scitech Medical

Medical Cleaning System

As always, we appreciate your teams support on your static elimination products, since we have changed over to Static Clean we have seen an upswing in acceptance of static products as they truly fill a gap in web cleaning, we keep a system in house just to demonstrate to our Medical Device customers as we see a greater need today with the new web materials. The Static Clean Medical Web Vac’s do a great job of cleaning and collecting FM off the blisters before final sealing. We see significant improvement mitigating FM as a result. As a machine builder it is extremely important to align ourselves with quality products and vendors

Jon Ford • Executive Vice President of Sales of RND Auotmation Robotics

Custom In-line Static Control & Particle Capture

Clean Solutions

Air Knife