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The Purest Science. Cleanrooms for Research Institutions Doing Applied Research

Cleanrooms for research institutions are built either to flex, so they can be reconfigured easily for multiple applications, or built for one highly specific purpose. Not sure where the best value for your research institute is? Talking to us today is your first step.

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Building cleanrooms for research settings like universities can be a tough gig.

They need to be built to adhere to standards for the cleanest possible application, even if that isn’t always the application occupying the space. 

Unless your university or organization is working in a very specific area of nanotech or life sciences, you probably don’t need a Class 5 cleanroom. So that’s a good place to start. 

We can help you figure out exactly how clean your cleanroom needs to be, and show you tools like particle counters and decontamination systems or flooring systems that help you achieve those tight standards. 

Most universities using cleanrooms for research work with us for

TSI Airborne Particle Counters
Biological Safety Cabinets
Spray Dryers
Microbial Samplers
Environmental Monitoring Plans

You probably need an ISO Class 8 to Class 5 cleanroom

We’ve consulted on, configured, and supplied dozens of ISO Class 8 to 5 cleanrooms in the last year. And hundreds over the last decade.

Do you know what class of cleanroom you need?

We’ll conduct a risk analysis by evaluating your process and the flow of people/materials. Risks across your entire cleanroom are identified and controlled, and:

  • You know you have the right number of sampling points (not too many, not too few).

  • You can easily correlate data with operations in real time.

  • Your monitoring system accounts for, or avoids entirely, disruptions by operators and machinery.

A risk assessment helps you determine and understand the justification for:

Location of particle monitoring

Monitoring frequency

Correct application of technology

Appropriate choice of laboratory equipment
(like incubators, powder handling, etc…)

Contact us for expert consultation and to find the right products to support particle monitoring and removal.

Take the pressure off your own shoulders and work with us for:

Workstation Containment

Process Containment

Vented Balance Enclosures

Sterilization Methods

Contamination Control Equipment

Get an expert opinion on your environmental monitoring plan

The environmental monitoring plan is the foundation for your critical environment. It demonstrates compliance to your standards, operating procedures, and is proactive for patient safety in cleanrooms for research.​ 
More than a hundred research institutions operating ISO Class 6 cleanrooms have built or improved their EM plans with us. 

Know you invested in the right technology for your cleanroom

Most cleanrooms use HEPA filters to capture 99.97% of all airborne contaminants. And for most research applications, that’s more than enough. 

Are you working with chemo or other substance with an OEL? We help you find the technology that will make you more confident in your cleanroom. 

Powder handling? CO2 incubator? ULT freezer? Negative pressure isolator? 

We think about the smallest details so you don’t have to. 


Invest in relationships before transactions

We don’t take your trust lightly, and it’s important to us that you see the value of working with a more human manufacturers' rep right from the start. 

Partnering with us on your cleanroom is all about prevention. Preventing miscommunications. Preventing mistakes. Preventing financial waste. And, of course, preventing contamination, which means using our expertise to find tools and processes that:

Identify the

Anticipate the contaminant

Prevent ingress

Facilitate egress

Minimize internal generation

Control residual contamination

Solutions to the biggest challenges in your research cleanroom

Sure, there are technical challenges with keeping the room clean and free from contamination. But there are also financial challenges. There are cost targets you can’t ignore. Ongoing operating costs. Unexpected costs (because that’s the reality - things do happen). 

Come together with our team to find solutions that make you happy. That let you breathe easy knowing you did the best work you could. You helped your colleagues do their jobs better and you contributed to a better cleanroom for research at your institution. 

Contact us today to validate your processes, qualify and source your equipment, and connect with the best and most responsive technical support you’ll find from any manufacturer’s rep (and manufacturer, too) in the country.