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Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer GB210A

The Yamato GB210A mini spray dryer is a compact and versatile spray dryer that can easily produce powder on a laboratory scale.

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    Yamato Scientific America
    Yamato Scientific America

    Yamato Scientific has pioneered valuable solutions in the laboratory and manufacturing industries which include lab ovens, spray dryers, and plasma cleaners.

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    The GB-210A spray dryer unit is capable of drying ultra small samples as low as 30ml of sample and can spray dry it into fine powder 1μm to 25μm in size. Moreover, our versatile GB210A compact spray dryer can perform a variety of applications from preliminary experiments in a pilot plant to drying work in general laboratories.

    True to providing convenience and efficiency to our users, the GB210A spray dryer model employs a one-touch removal system that makes removal and cleaning of the drying chamber, cyclone, and product container much easier.


    • Samples unstable at high temperatures can be reliably processed into fine powder. Heat is applied instantly and indirectly to the powder itself

    • Prepared fine powder will not be oxidized in the spray dryer, contains minimal moisture and is contaminant-free

    • Direct drying from solution/suspension liquid to fine powder with a reduced risk of contamination

    • No pre or post processes such as filtration, separation, or pulverization are required

    • Processing of samples containing organic solvents is made possible by connecting the Organic Solvent Recovery Unit GAS410 to the spray dryer

    • Spray dryer unit can also be used as a fluid bed drying granulator by installing a separate mini bed attachment GF200 instead of GF300 spray drying attachment

    • An automatic lift is equipped as standard to enable easy installation or removal of glass drying chamber attachment

    • A service outlet (max. 2A) and a sample stand are equipped as standard for connecting a magnetic mixer for stirring suspended liquid sample

    • Stable spray drying using a unique peristaltic pump, nozzle cooling mechanism, pulse jet mechanism and a nozzle knocker enable stable spray drying

    PDF Downloads

    Spray Dryer Overview.pdf


    GB210A Catalog.pdf


    GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery Unit Catalog.pdf


    GWS410 Organic Solvent Washing Unit Catalog.pdf


    Air compressor SL100-8 & Air Filter Combination Catalog.pdf


    Spray Drying System.pdf


    Spray Dryer Reference Application Data.pdf


    Spray Dryer Article.pdf


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