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Put it in Park. You Found a Smarter Source for Clean Room Equipment & Consultation

Getting the right clean room equipment in the right places makes quality control a much easier job at the end of the line. We consult on dozens of electric vehicle and non-electric automotive clean rooms every year. Our experience will put the pedal to the metal on your clean room build.

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Design, produce, assemble, and test automotive parts in an environment that adheres to standards set out for cleanrooms under ISO 14644, Classes 7-8. 

Make sure you adhere to ISO 18413 if your cleanroom houses hydraulic fluid components, or ISO 16232 if your cleanroom works specifically on components for road vehicles. We know your challenges, and we can make sure your clean room equipment is up to the task.

We’re fortunate to have worked with automotive parts manufacturers in every corner of the industry at both the lab scale and production scale. 

Many product development and manufacturing applications for high-performance parts require ISO Class 8 clean rooms. Vinyl laminating of safety glass or high performance fuel filters, for example, require pristine clean room conditions.

It’s your job to design and manufacture the parts. It’s our job to make sure your clean room equipment is the right octane. 

Most automotive manufacturers and their partners work with us for:

 Remote Particle Counters
 Cleanroom Cleaning
Contamination Control Equipment
Ensure Cleanliness in Paint Booths to Reduce Reworks

Special pricing is available for your organization

Most projects like yours call for large purchases of automotive clean room equipment. When your order includes multiple units and multiple instruments, we can offer better pricing. As the size of your order grows, the discount grows.

Right down to the simple tasks and routine maintenance, it’s all about prevention.

Preventing miscommunications. Preventing mistakes. Preventing financial waste. And, of course, preventing contamination, which means using our expertise to find tools and processes that:

Identify the

Anticipate the contaminant

Prevent ingress

Facilitate egress

Minimize internal generation

Control residual contamination

Contact us today to validate your processes, qualify and source your equipment, and connect with the best and most responsive technical support you’ll find from any manufacturer’s rep (and manufacturer too) in the country.

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Get a partner with experience in clean rooms for electric vehicle components 

Electric vehicles rely on increasingly complex components. Silicon carbide wafers for use in electric vehicles are extremely vulnerable to contamination and must be manufactured and refined in ISO Class 5 and 6 clean rooms. 

Processes like edge grinding, chemical-mechanical polishing, cleaning, and inspection should all be performed in a highly controlled clean room environment with constant environmental monitoring.

We partner with businesses working on electric vehicle components, from batteries to wafers, and everything we learn about clean room equipment from these projects is at your disposal. Even for your unique and cutting-edge electric vehicle application, we have insight that will help your build work better.

It’s a relationship, not a transaction

Your business relationships don’t need to be cold. We don’t take your trust lightly, and it’s important to us that you see the value of working with a more human manufacturer’s rep right from the start.

When you choose us, you get:

Open and easy communication. When you have a question, you need to talk with someone that can help right now. You don’t want to wait. Just pick up the phone to talk to us. You have a direct line.  

- Access to experts. Most distributors and manufacturer’s reps don’t have the in-house expertise to give advice that’s actually useful. We do. We service everything we sell. That requires -real technical knowledge. Have a problem? Get on a video call right away with someone who can look at your data and give informed advice. 

- Genuine collaboration. When your business is successful, ours is too. Working closely together benefits everybody. Intimately understanding your application allows us to find better solutions, so you get better service and a better end-product. 

- Stability. While big manufacturers struggle with staff turnover, Acumen’s team is stable and dedicated. We’re loyal to your business and love what we do. Chances are the person you work with today will answer the phone when you call next year or ten years down the road. That’s how they know you better and provide more human, humane service.

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