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Get your Biological Safety Cabinets out of lockdown! 

ESCO BSCs are in stock, in the USA, and ready to ship the moment you order. Don't languish in the 12-month lead time other manufacturers and distributors are quoting. You can have yours this week.

ESCO is a smaller brand than the big names you're used to, but the quality is objectively equal to, and sometimes better than, those big brands. The purchase price of an ESCO BSC is about 25 % less than the big brands. 

And the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the ESCO BSC is about 30% less than the big brands.

So if the operating cost of your big-name BSC is $15k over the next 15 years (you can find that right on their own website), that 30% lower cost of ownership when you get an ESCO is a pretty sizeable piece of your budget.