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Want to Find Efficiencies and Build a Better Aerospace and Defense Cleanroom?

Your workplace services and maintains submarine periscopes. Or parts for spacecraft. Or builds radar system sub-assemblies. Or manufactures extremely high-quality optics. 

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Most aerospace manufacturers work with us for

TSI Real-Time Monitoring Systems
TSI Particle Counters
TechTrak Flooring
Process Equipment Qualification and Validation
Environmental Monitoring Plans

The three-stage approach to keeping defense components safe and clean

Defense industry parts should be protected from contamination by three broad approaches:

1. Limiting contaminants that enter the defense cleanroom in the first place.

2. Limiting contaminant exposure while inside the cleanroom.

3. Continually monitoring and removing contamination from the air.

By putting the right processes in place (which we’ve done for 50+ defense cleanrooms) and incorporating the right instruments and monitoring, your defense cleanroom can comfortably meet ISO 14644-1 or 14644-2. 

But the best way to achieve those standards isn’t always obvious. Since we’ve consulted on hundreds of cleanrooms working toward stringent cleanroom standards, we know exactly how to help you get where you need to be. 

We help you interpret what you need and recommend solutions. 

And to make sure you stay within the limits set out by the ISO, we recommend most defense cleanrooms get validated twice a year. If you fall out of line, we can help you get back in ship shape.

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Special pricing is available for your organization

Defense cleanroom builds and retrofits often call for a large volume of purchases. When your order includes multiple units and multiple instruments, we can offer better pricing. As the size of your order grows, the discount grows. 

Contact us to set up preferred pricing for your organization, so you know you’re getting the best value every time you work with us.

Most of the work is already done for you

Our job is to make your job less hard. If you can go home at the end of the day and give your family your full attention because we helped ease your burden at work, that’s a win to us. 

A lot of thought goes into the products you find here. There are a ton of options out there, but choice overload can be a productivity killer. We regularly evaluate cleanroom products to make sure our partners have access to the best value, and they don’t have to spend weeks looking for themselves.

That value might come from the physical specifications of the instruments you need for your defense cleanroom. 

It might come from the data integrity you get from smarter software. Do you have specific propriety software? We will work with you to integrate data output.

It might come from our responsiveness, so when you see high particle counts in your cleanroom and you can’t quite figure out why, you can loop us into your investigation. 

Or it might come from the simple knowledge that you can get an informed opinion on the state of your cleanroom at the drop of a hat. 

What is your defense cleanroom used for?

You’re building parts of:




Precision optics


Electronic controllers

Radar systems components

Our team has helped outfit clean rooms used to build lasers that might vaporize space debris in orbit.

We’ve helped troubleshoot contamination issues in large-scale airplane component manufacturing facilities. We put the right pieces in place to avert tens of millions of dollars in wasted product development and manufacturing. 

We’ve supplied instruments for defense cleanrooms at every point on the spectrum, and it’s likely we already know the best practices to keep your space spotless. If we haven’t, we love a challenge, and we can’t wait to talk.