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TechTrak cleanroom flooring is made in the USA, unlike other brands.

So you get a product that’s built adhering to standards you trust and you know you can get it when you need it - it’ll never be stuck in an oceanbound shipping container.

You’re judicious with your business partners. So are we. We choose manufacturing partners carefully because we know they represent us. They’re an extension of our work ethic, our expertise, and our humanity. 

That’s why we partner with industry leaders that are well-seasoned and at the top of their game. 

The ones that do things right the first time.

We proudly partner with TechTrak, the leader in foot and wheel borne contamination control, providing contaminant mitigating flooring solutions to medical device manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, industrial and automotive facilities. 

Acumen’s seasoned facility planners work closely with your cleanroom experts to create the most efficient contamination control strategy.

This begins with designing and developing high-quality, easy-to-maintain, semi-permanent polymer contamination control mats that reduce wheel and foot borne contaminants by over 99%. 

Making the switch from adhesive peel-off mats to TechTrak’s polymer flooring system that last an average of 5 years is easy. When you make the switch, you:

  • Increase contamination control

  • Improves technician compliance

  • Reduce chances of injury from peeling tacky mats

  • Save costs over the lifetime of the flooring system

  • Eliminate daily disposable waste

… making a TechTrak flooring system the most sensible and sustainable option for your facility’s needs. 

And we have a strong working relationship with TechTrak. When questions arise, or when you need service, a TechTrak expert is just a phone call away. Someone who understands the nuances of your challenges. Someone who can also provide effective solutions. 

Get all the experience of a recognized, published industry leader 

TechTrak and Acumen contributed the industry’s most comprehensive resource in 2021 - Cleanroom Contamination Prevention & Control: A Practical Guide to the Science. 

Chapter 12: Foot and Wheel Borne Contamination discusses the practical application of using TechTrak in clean facilities written by our very own biologist, Krishna Bell.

You can get your copy here, or you can work with Acumen and TechTrak and get all the information distilled into the book, plus the voluminous information and experience that can’t be distilled into a few hundred pages of text.

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