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Environmental Monitoring

How do you know your clean manufacturing environment is truly clean? Let environmental monitoring be the judge.

It’s used in a variety of industries that require specific air conditions, whether for the purposes of maintaining sensitive products or protecting personnel from harmful particulates.

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            Some of the critical areas environmental monitoring is used are: 

            • Cleanrooms 

            • Controlled manufacturing areas

            • Laminar flow hoods

            • Biological safety cabinets (BSCs)

            • Glove boxes

            • Compounding areas

            • Sterile packaging

            … and plenty more.

            So, how do you achieve an efficient level of monitoring under increasingly regulated conditions for cleanroom performance and controlled product bioburdens?

            Through the use of:

            • Environmental sensors

            • Real-time monitoring systems 

             Acumen Technology specializes in consulting on environmental monitoring systems while offering:

            • Viable and non-viable particle counters

            • Environmental sensors

            • Microbial samplers

            • Real-time monitoring systems

            … solutions from trusted partners that will inspire confidence in you too.

            We believe in genuine collaboration. That means the solutions and the partnerships you read about below aren’t just options we picked for you - they’re options we picked for ourselves too. Our goal is to understand every facet of your application so we can help you find the best solution, and the partnerships we accomplish that with have the same attitude.

            Airborne Particle Counters from TSI

            Good airborne particle counters provide continuous monitoring of a cleanroom that can be measured in real-time. Acumen partners with TSI to provide airborne particle counters that are:

            • Handheld

            • Portable

            • Remote

            … and specifically designed to save money and time for your facility. 

            TSI is a world leader in real-time monitoring systems, trusted by research institutions around the world. That’s why Acumen proudly partners with TSI. We have confidence that together, we will equip your facility with detailed and reliable tools to monitor your controlled environment.

            Environmental Sensor

            Maintaining sensitive temperature conditions, differential pressure, and relative humidity are vital to the operations of a cleanroom. To effectively and accurately measure the conditions of an environment, Acumen Services provides environmental sensors like: 

            • Temperature

            • Temperature & Relative Humidity (TRH)

            • Air Velocity

            • Differential Pressure

            Acumen Services technicians have decades of experience designing and installing complete real-time monitoring systems. 

            Microbial Samplers from ​​Bioscience International & TSI

            Does your facility manufacture products like medical devices or pharmaceuticals that are sensitive to air conditions? Monitor and mitigate biological air contamination with microbial samplers manufactured by Bioscience International and a real-time detection offered by TSI to meet regulatory standards and maintain the quality of your products.

            These sampling solutions are trusted by:

            Medical device manufacturers

            Pharmaceutical companies

            Food companies 

            … among many others.

            Get ahead of microbial contamination and air quality testing with a sampler or counter (or a combination of both) in your facility. If you’re unsure about which solution is right for your product or process, you can get in touch with an in-house expert at Acumen. We believe that working together benefits everybody. And because we service everything we sell, we provide you with an experience-based opinion you can trust. 

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            Make your space compliant

            Viable impactors will always find their way into your cleanroom, hospital clean space, or research lab. Bioscience International’s SAS Super 100 & 180 Air Samplers help you keep your space compliant with your industry’s regulations

            • Sample large volumes of air quickly.

            • Keep your running costs low.

            • Keep your accessory costs down (contact plates or petri dishes are fine - no need for proprietary media strips, casetts, or plates).

            • Capture every particle down to 1 micron.

            • Get a full day of environmental monitoring on a single battery charge.

            Reduce risk in clean manufacturing

            Get real-time viable and non-viable particle monitoring of critical environments, including the aseptic core, without the need for operator intervention. The TSI Biotrak® real-time variable particle counter helps manufactures maximize safety and efficiency, neutralizing many risks inherent in clean manufacturing and saving your business substantial budget. How?

            • Reduced operator interventions. By sampling air from within the aseptic core while physically outside that space, there is no need for operators to intervene for microbial monitoring.

            • Reduced line-stoppages. Line-stoppages increase risk, require costly mitigation, and can even lead to wasted product. By eliminating interventions, the TSI BioTrak® allows continuous operation during fill and finish.

            • Improved process understanding. Continuous monitoring reveals where and when microbial excursions occur. Time-resolved data demonstrates continuous control during normal operation and saves time and resources following excursions.

            • Rapidly demonstrate control. Demonstrate environmental control in real-time. There is no need for excessive cleaning cycles or air exchange to ensure cleanliness with real-time evidence.

            • Integrated microbial monitoring: Data integrity is critical. The TSI BioTrak® seamlessly interfaces with TSI’s FMS Facility Monitoring Software, a fully compliant continuous monitoring software package that trends data and records alarms.

            Real-Time Monitoring Systems from TSI

            Various products and personnel move through cleanrooms, risking the introduction of contaminants into the environment at every turn. To mitigate this risk, many facilities and their applications demand sophisticated real-time monitoring to protect and abide by:  

            • Product sensitivity 

            • Process sensitivity

            • Regulatory standards

            Acumen partners with TSI, a leader in manufacturing environmental monitoring systems, to outfit your facility with their highly sophisticated and user-friendly Facility Monitoring Software (FMS). The FMS system thrives with features like hot standby failover functionality, taking the stress from real-time monitoring. 

            That’s part of the reason why Acumen proudly partners with TSI. We believe in reducing the workload in your cleanroom so you can focus on your product. 

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