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Industry-leading long term savings for your cleanroom

ESCO containment equipment is manufactured to reduce the operating cost of your clean space over the long term. Use up to 70% less electricity than other biological safety cabinet manufacturers. Filter 10x more efficiently and reduce your overall upkeep costs. Congratulate yourself for choosing the right partner.

Work more comfortably in your cleanroom

ESCO containment equipment is built for long-term savings and long-term comfort. Not just the kind of ergonomics that amount to standing instead of sitting at your desk. A complete rethinking of designs that have always been standard in containment equipment, using:

  • Safety

  • Comfort

  • Ease of use

  • Productivity/performance

  • Aesthetics

ESCO BSCs use angled-down displays to help maintain proper posture and control pads that are ADA-compliant. They feature ergonomically-angled fronts to improve reach and comfort, reduce glare with a frameless shatterproof sash that is easier to clean, and offer larger, unobstructed viewing areas than other manufacturers. They even feature intentionally-built raised armrests for more comfortable working positions. 

Instruments that help you achieve compliance

ESCO CO2 incubators help your lab achieve reliable, sample storage. They’re used widely in:

  • Tissue engineering

  • In vitro fertilization

  • Neuroscience

  • Cancer research

  • Mammalian cell research

Clean manufacturing like yours already prefers ESCO containment because they work better in the real world under real conditions and with real longevity in mind. 

We're choosy with our trusted manufacturing partners.

We’re willing to put our reputation on the line.

When it comes to essentials like Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) or CO2 incubators, you want the best for your business. 

But with all the brands and choices out there, finding the best can be overwhelming. We have done the work for you by selecting only the very best, most dependable, and reliable brands for every product in your cleanroom.

Brands like ESCO. We’re proud to partner with a pioneer in the development of BSCs.

For more than three decades, ESCO has been a leader in delivering controlled environment laboratory equipment solutions around the world.

When it comes to finding the best Biological Safety Cabinets for your cleanroom, our in-house experts and long-time customers unanimously agree that there is no better option than ESCO. Their product line combines a perfect mix of design, construction and features that create ideal operator, product and environmental protection. With both Class I and Class II (Type A2, B1, B2) BSCs available, we work closely with our friends at ESCO to find the perfect, curated solution for our customers’ cleanrooms.

What else is in their wheelhouse? Exceptional laminar flow hood cabinets, available in both a vertical flow and horizontal flow option, and expertly designed to protect the product from the user. All ESCO products also feature the Isoside powder coating finish, preventing detrimental microbial and bacterial growth. So you can rest assured, you’re equipping your cleanroom and your team with industry best products.

ESCO’s world class reputation meets the bar we set for our customers and your cleanrooms. And with the strong partnership we’ve built, ESCO experts are just a phone call away when your BSCs or laminar flow hood cabinets need service. 

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