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Cleanroom Cleaning Services

The cost of contamination can be staggering. Whether you're worried about the time, productivity, or profit loss, appropriate cleaning and decontamination services alleviate your stress. Ask us about:

Maintenance cleaningPeriodic super cleansPost-construction cleaning

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No matter the size of your facility, the in-house experts at Acumen bring you the most effective and efficient cleanroom cleaning services customized to your cleanroom application.

That means thorough hand cleaning followed by complete decontamination via spraying.

Cleanroom cleaning means:

  • Removing residue, dirt, dust, or debris that could impact the effectiveness of whatever disinfectant is being used during the decontamination process.

  • The process of mopping floors; sanitizing non-compounding furniture like carts, stools, and containers; removing dust and dirt from windows, doors, and ceilings.

  • Emptying and sanitizing storage bins, waste containers, biohazard containers, or any other receptacles. 

  • Monitoring and labeling cleaning equipment (such as buckets and mops) to eliminate the chances of cross-contamination between environments.

Cleanroom decontamination means:

  • Reducing overall bioburden using a chemical with a known antimicrobial effect.

  • Ensuring disinfecting agents themselves do not leave residue or introduce contaminants to the environment. 

  • Understanding and combating changes in types of microbial flora (organisms that become resistant to the existing disinfection process).

  • Preparing and filtering disinfectants in sterile and controlled environments while paying special attention to shelf life and “in-use” expiration. 

  • Arranging and validating the rotation of disinfecting agents to combat the full spectrum of possible microbial activity.

Common questions about cleanroom cleaning services:

What is included in cleanroom cleaning services?

Whether you choose between maintenance cleaning, periodic super cleans, or post-construction cleaning, cleanroom cleaning services include thorough and professional cleaning of your cleanroom or critical environment. This also includes sanitization and decontamination of equipment within the cleanroom. 

Most cleanroom managers work with us for a combination of both. After all, you need each of these services to varying degrees. Why not work with a partner who knows your workplace’s ins and outs and can suggest ongoing improvements to your cleanroom cleaning program.

Who benefits from cleanroom cleaning services?

The product, the process, and the personnel involved in the cleanroom or critical environment benefit from cleanroom cleaning services. Subscribing to maintenance cleaning, periodic super cleans, or post-construction cleans ensures a high cleanliness level in your facility that meets design and regulatory requirements while satisfying your customers. 

Cleanroom cleaning reduces the potential for unexpected contamination issues and the associated pause in cleanroom productivity while you find the source of the contamination and flush it out. Proactive is always better than reactive. 

How do you get a quote for cleanroom cleaning service?

At Acumen, we assign a representative to a handful of geographical areas in the United States. That means the expert you connect with is local enough to understand your cleanroom’s unique challenges and needs. Visit our contact us page to get a quote for cleanroom cleaning services. 

Maintenance cleaning to protect your process

Every class of cleanrooms has standard cleaning protocols, and that includes regular cleanroom maintenance cleaning. Maintenance cleaning is far more effective than any day-to-day cleaning internal personnel complete within a cleanroom environment since those cleaning processes often involve introducing cleaning agents or cleaning chemicals that can end up becoming contaminants in your cleanroom instead. Our technicians offer cleaning services to cleanrooms like yours to serve as:

  • Your primary cleaning program

  • Supplementary element to your existing in-house cleaning program

Cleanroom cleaning technicians specialize in servicing your cleanroom according to the frequency you need while matching their disinfection and sanitization routines to any existing protocols your facility may have and your class of cleanroom requires.

And if you don't have existing cleaning protocols because yours is a new cleanroom build, don’t fret. Our in-house expertise at Acumen formulates cleaning protocols that fit your unique needs, taking the guesswork out of maintenance cleaning.

Periodic super cleans 

The overall cleanliness of most cleanrooms deteriorates over time. Can you still call your cleanroom a clean room? Get a step ahead of maintenance cleaning. Periodic super cleans take care of your entire facility and the equipment within it. After the completion of this comprehensive service, your environment is returned to the requirements of:

Your facility

Your processes

Your customers

Make the level of cleanliness just as good as the design of your cleanroom. Acumen works closely with you and your team to understand the specific needs of your facility and develop plans for periodic super cleans. The more intimately we get to know your cleaning needs, the better solutions we can offer, resulting in better service and a better end-product too.

Post-construction cleanroom cleans

Are you expanding or reconfiguring your cleanroom? Are you building a new cleanroom altogether? Introducing changes to the construction of your cleanroom can introduce contaminants into the space, making your cleanroom not-so-clean.

Whether you’re embarking on the planning phase of your cleanroom or just got done with reconstruction, you can put your cleanroom environment or critical environment in its best shape following reconstruction.

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