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Get exactly what you need, because we take the time to listen.
Work out the kinks before you start using your cleanroom, because proactive is always better than reactive.

Build something just for you, because one-size-fits-all doesn't help your workplace excel.

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Acumen maintains the in-house expertise you need for your cleanroom. We work with pharmaceutical, food, and medical device manufacturing facilities (among many others) daily to understand the fine threadwork of your applications. We deliver well-thought-out and well-built solutions like:

  • Hardwall cleanrooms (stick-built and modular)

  • Softwall cleanrooms (free standing or hung from ceiling)

  • Mobile cleanrooms (portable or leased/purchased unit)

Because of our carefully picked manufacturers and solutions, you can think of Acumen as your cleanroom boutique. The best of the best brought to you - all in one convenient spot. 

When it comes to your cleanroom, we value a boots-on-the-ground approach far more than theoretical knowledge. So, when you speak to an in-house expert, you know you’re receiving an experienced-based professional opinion.

We consult on, design, equip (and service everything we equip) cleanrooms primarily in these industries, where you work:


You’re subject to strict regulations, and your cleanroom needs to meet rigorous standards. We’ve consulted on hundreds of Grade A and B manufacturing suites with Grade C and D supporting areas, where viable and nonviable particle counts are under heavy scrutiny.

Are you a compounding pharmacy? We understand the challenges of your work under USP 503A and B, and help you work confidently with all the nuances you balance daily.

Contact us to meet your pharma cleanroom requirements

Medical Device

Medical device cleanrooms are highly regulated. They have to control airborne particles and microorganisms. They have to be monitored for their bioburden rate. 

Medical devices like cataract lenses or coronary stents (devices that are implanted or keep people alive) must adhere to the most challenging standards.

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In aerospace manufacturing, the slightest contamination or particulate presence in sensitive components can result in costly losses. A simple defect in the paint finish caused by airborne contamination can be catastrophic. Aerospace cleanrooms are often built with hard wall, modular designs, so they can flex with changes in your priorities.

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Your cleanroom is larger than most. It’s the most stingently controlled cleanroom, with UV filtered light, and control mechanisms for electrostatic charges. And that’s just the start. Contamination can affect the yield of an entire production run and you might not know until after the run is complete - unless you have a smart monitoring system in place as well, and the expertise to troubleshoot on the fly.

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Your workplace services and maintains submarine periscopes. Or parts for spacecraft. Or builds radar system sub-assemblies. Or manufactures extremely high-quality optics. Make sure you meet ISO, ASTM, NASA, and other industry-specific cleanroom standards.

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Design, produce, assemble, and test automotive parts in an environment that adheres to standards set out for cleanrooms under ISO 14644-1, Classes 5-8. Make sure you adhere to ISO 18413 if your cleanroom houses hydraulic fluid components, or ISO 16232 if your cleanroom works specifically on components for road vehicles.

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To design, build, and deliver effective cleanroom solutions to your facility, Acumen uses a five-step process:

1. Introduction

We begin the process by learning about your specific applications within the cleanroom to better understand the scope of the project

2. Discovery

At this stage, our in-house cleanroom experts take the time to comb through the details of your cleanroom. We note any requirements you need to meet, and make important design decisions to enhance performance in your facility. 

3. Design

The Acumen team puts together a design proposal that addresses every detail, requirement, and projected cost of the cleanroom project. At this stage, you can make sure that the proposal meets all your needs, and make any revisions necessary

4. Construction

Once you’ve reached a formal agreement with Acumen, we start bringing your project to life under our watchful, detail-oriented eyes. 

5. Launch

This is the most exciting part! Once you’ve confirmed you’re satisfied with the cleanroom we’ve built, we’ll hand over the keys so you can start using it!

If you’re ready to begin a cleanroom project with us, or if you have any questions about the solutions Acumen offers,

Get in touch with us!