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The Better Way to Build & Monitor Your Aerospace Cleanrooms

In aerospace manufacturing, the slightest contamination or particulate presence in sensitive components can result in costly losses. We help you achieve NASA, ASTM, and ISO clean room standards and meet your cost targets.

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Most aerospace manufacturers work with us for

TSI Real-Time Monitoring System with Qualification and Validation
TSI Particle Counters
Ionizing Blowers
Contamination Control
Complete Environmental Monitoring Plans

Special pricing is available for your organization

New aerospace clean rooms often call for a large volume of purchases. When your order includes many units and multiple instruments, we can offer better pricing. As the size of your order grows, the discount grows. 

Contact us  to set up preferred pricing for your organization, so you know you’re getting the best value every time you work with us.

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Work with partners that make your decisions easier

A simple defect in the paint finish caused by airborne contamination can be catastrophic. Aerospace cleanrooms are often built with hard wall, modular designs, so they can flex with changes in your priorities.

It’s important for you to find partners that can flex as much as your clean room. You don’t get that when you’re a number in a computer system. You get that when you know the person on the other end of the phone. When they’re available for a video conference at the drop of a hat, when you experience a contamination issue you can’t quite get to the bottom of. 

When you choose to work with your friends at Acumen you get better advice for your unique challenge, you get more responsive support, and you get a partner that’s genuinely, personally invested in the success of your project. 

A three-stage approach to keeping aerospace components safe and clean

Aerospace parts are protected from contamination by three broad approaches.

1. Limiting contaminants that enter the cleanroom in the first place.

2. Limiting contaminant exposure while inside the cleanroom.

3. Continually monitoring and removing contamination from the air.

By putting the right processes in place (which we’ve done for 50+ aerospace cleanrooms) and incorporating the right instruments and monitoring, an aerospace cleanroom can comfortably meet ISO 14644-1 or 14644-2. 

Your aerospace clean room might need to achieve ISO Class 7 /Federal Standard 209 Class 10,000. But if you have a niche application, the requirements might be more stringent. 

We can help you interpret what you need and recommend solutions to help you achieve it.

And when your clean room shifts from manufacturing to subassembly or assembly…

We make sure you have the right instruments to accurately, continuously measure airborne particle concentration so you can adjust temperature, humidity, and air change rate appropriately.

What is your aerospace clean room used for?

You’re building parts of:




Launch vehicles


Electronic controllers
Our team has helped outfit clean rooms used to build lasers that might vaporize space debris in orbit. We’ve helped troubleshoot contamination issues in large-scale airplane component manufacturing facilities. We put the right pieces in place to avert tens of millions of dollars in wasted product development and manufacturing. 

We’ve supplied instruments for aerospace clean rooms working in a huge range of applications, and it’s likely we already know the best practices to keep your space spotless. If we haven’t, we love a challenge, and we can’t wait to talk.

It’s a relationship, not a transaction

Your business relationships don’t need to be cold. We don’t take your trust lightly, and it’s important to us that you see the value of working with a more human manufacturer’s rep right from the start. 

Partnering with us on your aerospace clean room is all about prevention. Preventing miscommunications. Preventing mistakes. Preventing financial waste. And, of course, preventing contamination, which means using our expertise to find tools and processes that:

Identify the

Anticipate the contaminant

Prevent ingress

Facilitate egress

Minimize internal generation

Control residual contamination

Contact us today to validate your processes, qualify and source your equipment, and connect with the best and most responsive technical support you’ll find from any manufacturer’s rep (and manufacturer too) in the country.

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