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Instruments and consultation for clean science, cleanrooms, clean manufacturing

and the knowledge that you’re not just a number.

There is a stereotype out there. The salesman. Trying to make a buck. Not quite honest. 

Not always. But often, and across industries, sales can feel antagonistic. Like one of you is going to win. One is going to lose. Like the last time you got through to your sales rep at one of the big manufacturers to talk about an issue with a new handheld particle counter, and they tried to upsell you on a different model. 

In 2004 an idea materialized. Brimming with common sense and excitement.

Why can’t everybody win?

Why can’t the buyer (that’s you) and the seller (we hope you choose us!) work together for mutual benefit - so both can thrive?

Why shouldn’t there be humanity in this business? 

That idea became Acumen Technology Inc. 

You get personal, responsive, prompt, thoughtful, expert, in-house service when you bring us into your cleanroom or containment projects, environmental monitoring, contamination control or static control projects - for planning, for products, for professional advice.

It’s easy to fall into the status quo. To settle into the routine that comes with working in clean environments in pharma, medical devices, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, industrial or automotive. To settle for partners that are just fine...

...but it’s liberating to find something better. Something fresh, with a touch of the familiar. The feeling of working with an old friend with your best interests at heart. The feeling of a business partnership that’s anything but sterile.

Who are you?

You’re not interested in toeing the line. You want to help your colleagues or staff excel in their jobs. You want your business to be successful. You want to be innovative. To try new things. To let data lead the way.

We consult on, design, equip (and service everything we equip) cleanrooms primarily these industries, where you work: 


You’re subject to strict regulations, and your cleanroom needs to meet rigorous standards. We’ve consulted on hundreds of Grade A and B manufacturing suites with Grade C and D supporting areas, where viable and nonviable particle counts are under heavy scrutiny.

Are you a compounding pharmacy? We understand the challenges of your work under USP 503A and B, and help you work confidently with all the nuances you balance daily.

Medical Device

Medical device cleanrooms are highly regulated. They have to control airborne particles and microorganisms. They have to be monitored for their bioburden rate. 

Medical devices like cataract lenses or coronary stents (devices that are implanted or keep people alive - class 3) must adhere to the most challenging standards.


In aerospace manufacturing, the slightest contamination or particulate presence in sensitive components can result in costly losses. A simple defect like the wrong paint finish caused by airborne contamination can be catastrophic. Aerospace cleanrooms are often built with hard wall, modular designs, so they can flex with changes in your priorities.


Your cleanroom is larger than most. It’s the most stingently controlled cleanroom, with UV filtered light, and control mechanisms for electrostatic charges. And that’s just the start. Contamination can affect the yield of an entire production run and you might not know until after the run is complete - unless you have a smart monitoring system in place as well, and the expertise to troubleshoot on the fly.


Your workplace services and maintains submarine periscopes. Or parts for spacecraft. Or builds radar system sub assemblies. Or manufactures extremely high-quality optics. Make sure you meet ISO, ASTM, NASA, and other industry-specific cleanroom standards.


Design, produce, assemble, and test automotive parts in an environment that adheres to standards set out for cleanrooms under ISO 14644-1, Classes 5-8. Make sure you adhere to ISO 18413 if your cleanroom houses hydraulic fluid components, or ISO 16232 if your cleanroom works specifically on components for road vehicles. 

Sales with a soul

Our partners are established leaders; innovators in contamination control, static control, and cleanroom tech. They engineer high quality, high-value solutions for businesses that need the thing done right. 

And they embody the humanity and individual care that matters to you (and to us).

Replacing a laminar flow hood.

Upgrading your particle counters or installing a more complete environmental monitoring system in your clean manufacturing space.

Retrofitting a new microbial sampler into your existing microbiological monitoring system.

Ready to add a polymer flooring system to control wheel- and foot-borne contamination.

Struggling with tribo-charging in your manufacturing facility and need reliable long-range or high-speed static bars.

These manufacturers engineer solutions that thrive in your application, and we help you identify, implement, service, and troubleshoot those solutions, regardless of where you’re located in the continental United States. 

Treat people how you want to be treated

You aren’t just an account number and an invoice. Because we don’t want to be a faceless provider to you. Because trust and camaraderie lead to deeper collaboration and greater success. 

From the flooring and the particle counters to the hoods, biosafety cabinets, decontamination systems, and more. Get the pieces your workplace needs to meet ISO Class 1 through 9 standards, or Federal Standards for Room Air to Class 1 and beyond, with the personal touches that make your workday better.  

When you need service, it’s just a phone call away. We service everything we sell.

When you need to troubleshoot, call! We maintain in-house expertise that other distributors and manufacturer’s reps don't, so you get the help you need when you need it.

When you need advice on your next purchase - a simple portable particle counter, particle capture instrument, or a large decontamination system - just call! You want the best mix of performance and value? You bet! You’re accountable for every bit of budget spent. We help you find that perfect mix. And if we don’t have it (rare, but it happens, because even Einstein didn’t have all the solutions), we’ll help you find a manufacturer or distributor that does. 

A curated collection that saves you time

Choice overload is a productivity killer.

You don’t have to sort through dozens of model numbers with subtle, sometimes invisible differences when you bring us into your fold. We know your application, and find you the best solution from the carefully curated selection our manufacturers offer. 

It’s not just about a product. It’s about a product that fits your space and can move (if needed) throughout your workspace. It’s about the synergy that product has in your application, with other pieces of equipment. It’s about a product that can scale with you as your business grows. It’s about the value an instrument brings to your workplace. 

That value might come from the physical specifications of the instruments you need for your industrial manufacturing. 

It might come from the data integrity you get from smarter software in your pharma application. 

It might come from our responsiveness, so when you see high particle counts in your cleanroom and you can’t quite figure out why, you can loop us into your investigation. 

Or it might come from the simple knowledge that you can get an informed opinion on your environmental monitoring, cleanroom, or manufacturing static control systems at the drop of a hat. 

Solutions to your daily frustrations

How’s the response time from your current service team?
How many points of contact have you had in the last two years? How about the last five?

Your frustrations boil down into two categories.