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Containment uses a set of physical structures or processes to isolate a product from personnel and the surrounding environment. A lack of containment could translate into safety hazards for personnel, along with risks to the product itself.

Containment systems commonly use these types of technologies

  • Cleanrooms

  • Downflow Booths

  • BioSafety Cabinets

  • Isolators

  • Ventilated Balance Enclosures

  • Glove Boxes

  • Laminar Air Flow Hoods

  • Restricted barrier systems (RABS)

And, of course, each type of containment system differs in the separation and safety it can provide, varying in suitability and effectiveness from application to application. 

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That’s where Acumen comes in.

Our team of in-house experts helps you find a solution that works best for your unique application. We don’t try to upsell you on things you don’t need. We don’t make you take risks we wouldn’t take ourselves. We just equip you with cleanroom containment systems to help you and your team be successful.

Biological Safety Cabinets from ESCO

ESCO Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) use angled-down displays to help maintain proper posture and control pads that are ADA-compliant. They feature ergonomically-angled fronts to improve reach and comfort, reduce glare with a frameless shatterproof sash that is easier to clean, and offer larger, unobstructed viewing areas than other manufacturers. They even feature intentionally-built raised armrests for more comfortable working positions. 

Not sure which classification of BSC you’ll need for your facility? An expert at Acumen can help you determine whether you need a:

Class I

Class II (Type A2)

Class II (Type B2)

Class II (Type B1)

Class III

ESCO CO2 incubators help your lab achieve compliance. They’re used widely in:

  • Tissue engineering

  • In vitro fertilization

  • Neuroscience

  • Cancer research

  • Mammalian cell research

Cleanrooms like yours already prefer ESCO instruments because they work better in the real world under real conditions and with real longevity in mind. 

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Downflow Booths from International Portland

Acumen offers downflow booths International Portland, a leader in the containment solution industry. Similar to BSCs, a downflow booth uses a HEPA filter to eliminate particulates from air. But before that happens, a downward flow of air entrains the particulates, moving them away from personnel.  

International Portland offers a series of containment options to outfit your unique facility. If you’re not sure where to begin, get in touch with us at Acumen. You can get on a video call right away with an in-house expert who can look at your data and give informed advice. 

Glove Boxes from Plas-Labs

A glove box is exactly what it sounds like - a sealed container that allows a user to manipulate an object within it using built-in gloves. The construction of a glove box allows the user to maintain a separate atmosphere within the container. 

There are two primary purposes for using a glove box:

  • To allow personnel to work with substances that could be hazardous (like infectious disease agents)

  • To enable personnel to manipulate substances that need to be contained in a high inert atmosphere (like nitrogen)

Acumen offers glove box solutions from Plas-Labs, the industry leader with more than half a century of experience serving customers like you.

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Isolators from Isolation Systems Inc.

Isolators provide ongoing and complete isolation from a room’s external environment, and maintaining this isolation means only installed or robotic arms are used to manipulate the product. They’re used by industries that compound sterile cytotoxic drugs and manufacture orange juice filling, among many others.

Whatever the industry, Acumen ensures that the isolator solution we provide to our customers protects and maintains the conditions of their sensitive products. That’s why we offer compounding isolators produced by Isolation Systems Inc., an industry leader bringing over 30 years of experience to the table.

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Laminar Flow Cabinets from ESCO

Laminar flow cabinets are designed to protect the product from contamination by a user. A HEPA filter cleans drawn air and blows it in a smooth, laminar flow toward the user in either a vertical or horizontal motion.

Acumen searches long and hard to bring the best containment solutions to their customers. That’s why we offer laminar flow cabinets from ESCO, the leading manufacturer of clean air solutions since the 1970s.

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Ventilated Balance Enclosures from Plas-Labs

Ventilated balance enclosures (VBE) provide stability and accuracy while protecting a user from hazardous airborne particles. How does it work? The negative pressure within the chamber draws air away from the user. It passes through a HEPA filter before it’s exhausted back into the lab or through a facility’s exhaust system. 

As you can tell, this is a vital containment process for some industries. It makes all the difference to user safety and maintaining the quality of a product. That’s why Acumen carefully selected VBEs manufactured by Plas-Labs, the go-to provider of standard and customized research equipment for labs across the globe for more than 50 years.

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