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Neutrally Buoyant Tracer Particle Solution

Microrite's Solution Generates a Neutrally Buoyant cloud-like fog of Tracer Particles.

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    Microrite’s panel of experts provides clean manufacturing consulting services which may include using the proprietary Tracer Particle Generator for air-flow visualization studies.

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    Product Details

    Tracer Particles should remain visible from where they are diffused into the clean air system being tested all the way to the air return. This allows for the visualization of air flow directions and air mixing in both unidirectional and non-unidirectional airflow cleanrooms. Microrite Tracer Particles have an extremely low vapor pressure, creating Tracer Particles that take up to 20 minutes to evaporate leaving no residual Tracer Particles on HEPA filters. 

    More importantly, it allows for visualization of Combination-Flow cleanrooms and the interface between unidirectional and non-unidirectional air flows. This is extremely important in aseptic manufacturing where visualizing airflow in conjunction with operator movement at the interface between Grade A and Grade B is critical to the evaluation, qualification, and regulatory review of aseptic operations. 

    The Tracer Particles used by Microrite, Inc. are NOT SMOKE PARTICLES. When properly diffused, a Neutrally Buoyant cloud-like fog of Tracer Particles sized between 0.2mM and <1.0mM is released into the cleanroom environment. These sterile particles are comprised of USP Grade Materials Such as Triethylene Glycol, Monopropylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol and purified water. The cloud of Tracer Particles is Oil and Glycerin Free, non-condensing, FDA GRAS approved, and is non-toxic. For typical Air Flow Visualization Studies, this fog does not condense and pool up on cleanroom surfaces or cleanroom equipment. 

    The Tracer Particle Solution is vaporized at ~320˚C creating a sterile and hot vapor that exits from the Cleanroom Vaporizer into an expansion chamber, mixing with inlet air and traveling via a high temperature silicone tube to the Diffuser System. The Diffuser System/manifold releases a cloud of very small Tracer Particles that cool when exiting the diffuser becoming Neutrally Buoyant when entering the air stream. Neutrally Buoyant Tracer Particles are not affected by gravity and will accurately follow the air currents and identify turbulence, dead spaces and eddy currents.

    Short Duration Tracer Particle Solution

    Formulated for low volume clean environments such as Isolators, RABS, mini-environments, Biological Safety Cabinets, Flow Benches and areas with unidirectional airflow.  Short Duration Fluid should not be used for Recovery Studies.

    Long Duration Tracer Particle Solution

    Formulated for clean environments such as non-unidirectional airflow cleanrooms, air-locks and pass-throughs.  Long Duration Solution is best for testing the mixing of air in cleanrooms and controlled environments and is also used in Recovery Studies.

    Microrite Tracer Particle Solution_MSDS (pdf).pdf


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