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Contamination Control

What is contamination control? It’s maintaining, reducing, and eradicating viable and non-viable contamination, whether to maintain efficient production rates or for basic sanitation.

A contamination control protocol is critical in cleanrooms, especially in pharmaceutical and life science industries where samples and products are sensitive and have a zero to low tolerance for inaccuracies. 

Acumen has years of experience designing and implementing contamination control solutions in pharmaceutical and life science industries, aerospace and clean process manufacturing, but also automotive paint shops, entrances to industrial kitchens and foodservice providers, manufacturing areas, and electronic component assembly areas.

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That’s how we predict challenges ahead of time and tackle them for you so you can focus on maintaining the quality of your product and the safety of your personnel. Whether you’re on the hunt for flooring solutions or cleaning services, Acumen Technology gathers the best proactive solutions for you, offering professional and detailed consultations on your contamination control protocols.

Flooring from TechTrak 

TechTrak flooring mitigates contamination risk from foot and wheel-borne particulates, static, and bacteria in the threshold of a controlled area. Using polymer flooring reduces contamination by over 99.9% when used properly. 

Ideal areas for this type of solution include:

  • Locker rooms

  • Gowning rooms

  • Transition areas

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Cleanroom Cleaning from Sterile Science

For many industries, maintaining critical and aseptic environments is essential to protecting personnel and their products. Sterile Science specializes in a variety of cleaning scopes for big to small operations with great attention to detail. The cleanroom cleaning technicians at Sterile Science are knowledgeable and dedicated, just like Acumen. For all your cleanroom cleaning needs, you can trust that Sterile Science technicians have the training and experience you need in your facility.

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Dry Fog Sterilization from Sterile Science

Whether you’re looking to sterilize a small work area or a large working complex, dry fog 6-log sterilization is an easily validated solution. It uses hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid fogging without leaving residue behind. In addition, dry fog sterilization is:

  • Environmentally friendly as it is fully biodegradable and free of toxic aldehyde vapors.

  • Precise as the multi-port dry fogging head allows for rapid vapor dispersion in distant areas without wetting any surfaces.

  • Fast as the process does not require aeration or pre-conditioning, and operators can complete it in less than 3 hours.

Pharmaceutical facilities, cleanrooms, healthcare facilities, critical production, and laboratory areas trust Sterile Science’s dry fog technology to mitigate contamination risks in their environment. And that’s why Acumen partners with Sterile Science. We know that their highly trained operators focus on detail just as much as we do and will inspire that confidence in you too. 

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