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Static Control

Static electricity caused by tribocharging can create hazardous sparks or attract particles from surrounding environments to the charged material. 

This buildup of static is generated by friction between two dissimilar materials. 

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In cleanrooms, the most effective way to eliminate or reduce static is the process of ionization, a method that removes possible particulate contaminants from the process and the product itself. Acumen partners with Static Clean International to provide static control solutions like:

  • Static bars

  • Blowers, fans, and guns

  • Source (particle) capture devices 

  • Cleaning systems

… for your facility.

At Acumen, we pride ourselves on having our boots on the ground. Theoretical knowledge is great, but the practical experience our team has from consulting on cleanroom and clean manufacturing facilities like yours is far more valuable. 

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Static Bars from Static Clean International

Does your facility work with non-conductive materials like paper, plastic, or textiles? If it does, you’re probably aware of the plethora of problems that are caused by tribocharging between materials. Tribocharging can cause:

  • Jams and clogs

  • Misfeeds

  • Reduced line speeds

  • Poor stacking

  • Safety hazards for operators

  • Fires or explosions

… and an array of contamination risks for your product and personnel.

That’s why ​​Static Clean International manufactures static bars, a cost-effective way of reducing and eliminating static in the most demanding applications. These static bars come in various ranges so that you can find the perfect balance for your unique application. 

That’s also why Acumen partners with Static Clean International. Like us, Static Clean International knows your application doesn’t fit into a box. We collaborate closely with our manufacturers, so we understand every thread of a solution we offer. We’re accessible so you can get the clarity you need today.

Blowers, Fans, and Guns from Static Clean International

Though they use the same process as static bars, Static Clean International’s blowers, fans, and guns offer some distinct advantages:

They neutralize wider areas better since their air targets areas at a much greater velocity than static bars. They can be positioned on a benchtop or hung overhead.

Handheld ionizing guns deliver high velocity compressed air to a particular area, making them ideal for removing particulate matter from products.

So, depending on your process and product, a blower, fan, or gun (or a combination of these solutions) may be ideal for static control. 

Not sure which one to go with? With Acumen, you have a direct line of communication with an in-house expert. We know the ins and outs of blowers, fans, and guns just as well as the manufacturer does. You can get on a video call right away with someone who can look at your data and give informed advice. 

Cleaning Systems from Static Clean International

Another method of particle capture is through Static Clean International’s cleaning systems. What’s the difference between the two? Cleaning systems combine a capture system with ionization. It’s an effective method of removing particles and filtering them through a HEPA filtered collector.

Cleaning systems from Static Clean International come in both manual and automated models. Not sure which option is best for your product or process? You can connect with an in-house expert at Acumen today to get an opinion of your unique application. We work closely with Static Clean International and consult on cleanrooms and clean manufacturing facilities similar to yours daily. When you connect with Acumen, you connect with years of experience. 

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