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Made in the USA

Plas-Labs designs and manufactures all its products in the USA, like it has since 1967. Your glove boxes will never be delayed in an overseas shipping port and you’ll never worry about the quality control standards that applied during its manufacture. Take a quick drive up to Lansing, Michigan and see for yourself.

One of our core values is authentic partnership. 

This extends to our customers, and our hand-selected, top-of-the-line manufacturers as well. 

When your business is successful, ours is too. Working closely together benefits everybody. Intimately understanding your application allows us to find better solutions, so you get better service and a better end-product.

That’s why we proudly partner with Plas-Labs.

The world leader in acrylic containment and isolation technology, Plas-Labs has been the go-to provider of standard and customized research equipment for labs across the globe for more than 50 years!

Plas-Labs builds glove boxes and ventilated balance enclosures that set the standard for sample and operator protection in labs across industries.

Acrylic glove boxes that provide a clear barrier, giving you complete visibility of your materials.

The one-piece top features coved corners for easy cleaning. And while acrylics are their claim to fame, they manufacture great stainless steel products too.  

Plas-Labs is also the leading expert in Ventilated Balance Enclosures (VBE). Designed with stability, accuracy and safety in mind, the superior chemical resistance of each model means you can rest assured that your team is well-protected from hazardous airborne powders. And with all acrylic products manufactured in-house, they are able to customize any platform to meet your exact needs. We think that’s pretty neat.

With half a century of experience in exceeding customers’ expectations, there’s no better option for your next glovebox or VBE. With our direct line to the fine folks at Plas-Labs, we can get you equipped and supported in making your next investment.

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