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You work with Acumen because with Acumen, you can trust the expert knowledge you get.

The manufacturers we partner with are an extension of our expertise.

That’s why we partner with established leaders within the industry.

They engineer high-quality solutions in contamination control, static control, and cleanroom tech that bring value to your facility and to your network.

International Portland is on a mission to significantly decrease the risks of product contamination in your facility.

For the past two decades, International Portland has maintained the highest mobile localized clean air and containment booth standards, helping develop ISO Class 5-8 environments.

Since 1987, International Portland has pushed the envelope on manufacturing downflow containment booths and mobile localized clean air (mini-environments). Their product offering includes:

  • Downflow containment booths

  • Clean air stations

  • Power capture stations 

International Portland specializes in manufacturing solutions with high durability and that take well to hard use by using materials like stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and ABS plastic.  Additionally, International Portland manufactures its solutions to operate at a comfortable sound level to minimize disturbances. They design and manufacture their booths and stations in the U.S. with a team of experts that strive to create “cleanrooms without the room.”

In their many years of cleaning air, they have serviced:

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Biotech companies

  • Semiconductor companies 

… meeting industry regulations and exceeding their standards too. 

When you need service, it’s just a phone call away. We service everything we sell. And because of our strong relationships with manufacturers, when you call us, you can trust that you’re speaking to a containment booth and mobile localized clean air expert.

Downflow Containment Booth

Clean Air Stations

Powder Stations