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Partnership, trust and collaboration are at the heart of what we do.

That’s why we take great care in choosing partners that deliver the best products for your clean room, and reflect the core values - positivity, teamwork, and personal attention - that we share

TSI meets our high standards, and they’ll meet yours, too.

TSI particle counters are the most accurate, reliable instruments in the industry. They value you and your success as much as we do. 

Since 1961, TSI has pushed the boundaries of engineering, and set the standards for precision instrumentation for clean room environmental monitoring across the globe. We’re willing to stake our reputation on the fact that they’ll meet your high standards. When it comes to essential environmental monitoring equipment such as:

Particle counters

Real-time Systems with
Facility Monitoring Software

Microbial samplers

...there is no more reliable choice than TSI.

TSI particle counters make the essential business of monitoring air quality in cleanrooms stress-free, with handheld, portable and remote options.

Acumen Services offers a complete selection of environmental sensors to complete your Real-time TSI monitoring system. That includes every task imaginable, including Temperature, Temperature and Relative Humidity (TRH), Air Velocity and Differential Pressure Sensors (among many others!). There’s also a range of microbial sampler solutions. Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical or medical devices, or in another industry like hospitals, food factories, aerospace or defense, these specialized devices ensure that air is monitored up to standard across industries.

We have a long, strong relationship with our friends at TSI. So when you need service, it’s just a phone call away. TSI is the clear winner for your next airborne particle counters, environmental sensors and microbial sampler solutions. You can take our word for it.

We installed a TSI non-viable particle counter system in our new facility through Acumen in September of 2020.  The installation team worked with me to seamlessly put the system into operation.  Every step of the way, I would encounter questions or desire to make a change to the system.  Every time I would approach Acumen with these issues, they responded within the hour.  That level of service through Acumen continues with consistently quick resolutions.

I have been extremely happy with the system as it gives me an easy way to monitor our facility in real time, evaluate trends, and identify possible issues before they arise.  The visibility into our environment is an invaluable tool for our company.  In an industry where constant control of the environment is a must, I am confident in the TSI system, and highly recommend working with Acumen.

503B Manufacturer in the Midwest

Handheld Particle Counters

Portable Particle Counters

Remote Particle Counters

Microbial Samplers