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Instruments and consultation for clean science, cleanrooms, clean manufacturing  

and the knowledge that you’re not just a number.


We’ve consulted on hundreds of Grade A and B manufacturing suites with Grade C and D supporting areas.

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Medical Device

Get help with airborne particles and microorganisms, and monitoring your bioburden rate.

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A simple defect like the wrong paint finish caused by airborne contamination can be catastrophic. We help keep it safe.

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Contamination can affect the yield of an entire production run and you might not know until after the run is complete. Want help?

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Make sure you meet ISO, ASTM, NASA, and other industry-specific cleanroom standards.

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Produce, assemble, and test automotive parts in an environment that adheres to cleanroom standards under ISO 14644-1, Classes 5-8.

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Sales with a soul

Bring us into your fold for any project including:

Environmental Monitoring
Contamination Control
Static Control

And you get personal, responsive, prompt, thoughtful, expert, in-house service for:


We consult on unique cleanroom projects every day for businesses and institutions on the bleeding edge of technology and product development.


Because you’re more than a number to us, and we want to be the same to you, we help you find exactly the right products. And if we don’t have it, we’ll point you to somebody that does.

Professional advice

Our team troubleshoots cleanroom and clean manufacturing challenges in the industries above and more. We share our experience with partners like you, because we all do better when we work together.

We help end the common frustrations you and your colleagues are tired of, with:

Open and easy communication.

Your application doesn’t fit into a box (figuratively, that is. Most cleanrooms and sterile environments are literally boxes). So when you have a question, you need to talk with someone that can help right now. We’re accessible so you can get the clarity you need, today.

Access to experts.

Most distributors and manufacturer’s reps don’t have the in-house expertise to give advice that’s actually useful. Acumen does. We service everything we sell. That means knowing the ins and outs as well as the manufacturer does. Have a problem? Get on a video call right away with someone who can look at your data and give informed advice.

Genuine collaboration.

When your business is successful, ours is too. Working closely together benefits everybody. Intimately understanding your application allows us to find better solutions, so you get better service and a better end-product.

The industry’s fastest service.

Sometimes your equipment manufacturer needs a fire lit under them to prioritize your business. Most of the time, the manufacturer doesn’t need to be involved in your service at all. If we can’t service or troubleshoot your instrument with our considerable in-house expertise, we make sure the manufacturer doesn’t put your priorities in the backburner.


While big manufacturers struggle with staff turnover, Acumen’s team is stable and dedicated. We’re loyal to your business and love what we do. Chances are the person you work with today will answer the phone when you call next year or five years down the road. That’s how they know you better and provide more human, humane service.

Application experience.

Theoretical knowledge is great and all, but we’ll take hands-on experience any day of the week. Most of our team has practical experience in cleanrooms or clean manufacturing facilities. The same frustrations that turn your hair gray did the same to them, and they’re committed to breaking that chain of frustration.

Be reliable in your workplace

Acumen. Your tendency to make good decisions. To find solutions to the greatest challenges in your workplace. To find the right pieces, the right people, to make your workplace (and the work your people do) special. 

To find the best value in a biological safety cabinet or laminar flow cabinet. The most versatile particle counter. The smartest flooring system for your cleanroom. We can be the secret of your workplace acumen.

Call us today to partner with people who care about you.