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When it comes to your cleanroom, you sweat the small stuff and carefully comb through every detail.

That’s why you’re selective in the products you pick and the manufacturers you pick them from.

When the Sistine Chapel’s restoration team needed help, they turned to Bioscience International

When Michelangelo teetered precariously on a 60-foot scaffold in the Sistine Chapel to paint the “Last Judgment,” he probably had little thought of diabolical microbes invading his celestial creation. Yet, they came. Drawn to the shadowy dampness of aging plaster, the microbes fed on a layered confection of oil from melted candles, cleaning solvent made from Greek wine, and thick varnishes of animal glues.

Bioscience has a broad range of microbiological sampling instruments and  over 100 Application Notes to help you achieve your sampling needs. Request  our guidance package for fully complying with USP <797> environmental  monitoring requirements.

So when it comes to vital instruments like microbial samplers, you need them to be durable, efficient, and accurate.

But with an overwhelming number of brands and models to sift through, it’s hard to find the best fit for your environmental monitoring. 

And choice overload is a productivity killer. 

We choose our partners carefully because just like you, we pine over the details too. 

That’s why we proudly partner with Bioscience International, the world leader in microbial air samplers. Bioscience International products are used far and wide in private and public sectors, from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to NASA. Their microbial air sampler harmonizes efficiency with durability, with 99% of air samplers sold in the 70s in North America still in use today. 

Besides their strong reliability, Bioscience International manufactures their microbial samplers to be fully compliant with ISO 14698, EU GLP-GMP, EN45001, ACGIH, USP 1116, and USP 797 so you can trust that the samples you get are up to standard and accurate. In their full, ISO14698 compliance, Bioscience International’s SAS air samplers are designed so that the exhaust air from the SAS sampler does not contaminate the environment being sampled, thus not needing HEPA filtered exhaust.

Bioscience International’s brand self-awareness aligns with ours, making building and maintaining your environmental monitoring system seamless, and that’s why their microbial samplers exceed the standard we accept for ourselves. They’re simple, easy-to-use, and easily transportable, making them ideal to evaluate the quality of air in multiple critical areas of your facility. That’s why we trust them with yours. Because of our strong partnership with Bioscience International, the next time your microbial sampler needs service, you can get an expert on the other end of the phone. Knowing that we’ll be there for you every step of the way is our idea of a successful partnership.

Bioscience International Air Samplers