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Gear up! Gain more profits with your microbial monitoring system!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to prevent sudden microbial growth in your cleanroom, TSI AeroTrak+® Remote Air Samplers is the next worthwhile purchase for you!

We collaborated with TSI, Inc. to give you an instrument that is reliable in microbial monitoring systems and is suitable for both Grade A and B environments. Get confident with optimizing your work conditions and ensuring that your product quality retention processes are kept on track.

Make your cleanroom environmental monitoring capable of particle detection in a few minutes. With TSI AeroTrak+® Remote Air Samplers, you get that plus you get accurate and sensitive measurements with high repeatability.

Missing out on this one might cost you more the next time you’ll have a microbiological contamination event in your facility!

Here’s what you can expect from Acumen

Here at Acumen, we are offering a free consultation to discuss challenges in your cleanroom. We’ll provide you access to demo equipment and special discounted pricing that you cannot get anywhere else.

It can be that you’re looking to just add in some extra capacity to your current system, or maybe you have a feeling you might be missing coverage in part of your existing cleanroom. Perhaps, you just want a second opinion on your current configuration, all the way to planning a new cleanroom build.

Whether it be phone or on-site at your location, we will get you the most experienced team available who has consulted on hundreds of cleanrooms including Boston Scientific, etc.

Yes! We’ll give this for FREE– and you’ll definitely want it!