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Portable particle counters reduce reworks below industry standard

If your rework rates are stagnant at 10% (right around the industry standard), you can use TSI Aerotrak Portable Particle Counters to reduce rework significantly. 

Catch the source of contamination in your cleanroom faster and you instantly cut into that challenging rework rate.

TSI portable particle counters are ideal for use during tool maintenance, filter test applications, process development, and during cleanroom certification and recertification. 

All models can be integrated into a facility monitoring system like TSI’s FMS 5.

TSI portable particle counters are calibrated with NIST traceable PSL spheres, the recognized standard for particle measurements. They're the standard by which all other particle counters are measured. They are currently deployed in multiple industries where low particle counts are critical, including:



Life Sciences Laboratories


Food production

Aerospace and Defense

Secure your work from contamination with reliable and sensitive particle count data. Reduce the rate of reworks in your workplace

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Want a free consultation to discuss challenges in your cleanroom? Let's talk about your process and find the most suitable portable particle counter together. Want to test out your process with demo equipment? Sure!

Even if you just want a second opinion on your portable particle monitoring setup (since getting it right first is going to cost a lot less than getting it wrong and trying to fix it), we can do that.  

Whether it be by phone or on-site at your location, we will get you the most experienced team available who has consulted on hundreds of cleanrooms.

Get your portable particle counter setup right the first time so you don't waste budget fixing it 6 months from now.