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Solve all your fluid particle counting problems with one instrument

PAMAS manufactures the most accurate and reliable fluid particle counters for oil, pharmacy, water, and anywhere else fluid quality is integral to product output.

Let someone else do your product research

You could contact a handful of manufacturers. Read product descriptions and feature lists online. Ask colleagues about their experiences. Get a few quotes. Then decide on your fluid particle counter. You sure could.

But we already did that, and then some. We’ve consulted on hundreds of cleanroom builds in the last 5 years and that experience taught us that PAMAS designs and manufactures the most valuable fluid particle counters on the planet.

Eliminate operator error

Gravimetric or microscopic membrane analyses are time consuming and depend on the operator’s skills to properly classify particle contamination. They aren’t objective and they leave your process vulnerable to operator error. A single operator error can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Take operator error out of your workplace and maintain detailed analysis records with a high degree of confidence with an automatic fluid particle counter from PAMAS.

Get more value for your investment

PAMAS fluid particle counters aren’t the most expensive out there. They’re the best mix of features and value. The most reliable. The most intuitive. After hundreds of cleanroom builds, we would choose PAMAS for our own fluid particle counting.

  • If you need to test for particle contamination in lube oil to avoid deterioration of bearings and other moving components.

  • If you want to avoid mechanical failures of pumps and valves because of contaminated hydraulic fluid.

  • If you want to insulate your business from financial and legal consequences of contaminated water and pharmaceutical products.

…PAMAS is the preferred choice in your industry.

Work with a manufacturer that knows your industry

PAMAS particle counters are the preferred fluid particle counters for applications including:

Heavy earth moving machinery oil

Fuel analysis

Aviation hydraulics

Water-based hydraulics

Pharmaceutical testing

Filter efficiency testing

Water quality testing

Particle detection down to 0.5 microns is possible using PAMAS lab-scale fluid particle counters. Take operator error out of the equation. Measure the actual size of particles present in fluids objectively and reduce the potential of negative outcomes.

Laboratory Particle Counters