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Microscopes and microscope accessories purpose-built for cleanrooms

Standard microscopes create, shed, and hide contamination in your cleanroom. Choose an instrument that’s built to work where you do and make your whole cleanroom ecosystem work better.

Choose from a curated collection where the research has already been done for you

We evaluate dozens of clean room instrument manufacturers every year and choose to work with only the partners we trust with our own reputation. 

Cleanroom microscopes and cleanroom microscope accessories from MMT are our preferred choice because they’re built from the ground up for cleanrooms. We’d use them in our own cleanroom after consulting on hundreds over the last 5 years. They’re the best choice to use in yours too.

Reduce human error in your cleanroom

Repetitive tasks are vulnerable to human error. Observation and analysis under the microscope can test the patience of operators. Choosing comfortable, intuitive instruments that your operators enjoy using in the cleanroom helps reduce the potential for errors. 

MMT microscopes and accessories are:

  • Comfortable to use.

  • Easy to adjust to different operator settings.

  • Intuitive for new users.

  • Built for simplicity and functionality.

MMT microscopes and accessories make working in your cleanroom easier and leave less room for operator error. They’re the best choice for your new build or retrofit.


Microscope Accessories